I often travel to Toba towards it.


Do you know the place called 'Spa Resort Hawaiians' which was also the sta...

Do you know the place called 'Spa Resort Hawaiians' which was also the stage of the movie 'Hula Girl'? It is located in Iwaki-shi, Fukushima Prefecture on the southernmost tip of Tohoku, but this place was called ""Joban Hawaiian Center"" a long time ago. As its name suggests, it is a leisure facility where you can taste Hawaiian feelings while in Japan. Because there is pool and hot spring, we can enjoy with family. I am a Fukushima citizen and I used to go with my family very often when I was young. There are palm trees growing indoors and there is a dome full of tropical mood, and it really feels like I went to Hawaii. The polynesian show is full of enthusiasm. Actually, I thought that this was really Hawaii until I was an elementary school senior high school student. I thought it was pretty close to Hawaii. If I think about it now, why do you think so, even though there are only Japanese people around. The landscape with palm and banana trees indoors is something you can not see usually, so you probably did not doubt that this is not Japanese in your child's heart. Later, I went to real Hawaii on my honeymoon, but I thought that Hawaii in Fukushima Prefecture never lost. It is a story I learned later, but my younger brother below me seemed to have been to Hawaii many times when I was young. I am a happy person in a sister's brother. Besides, I think there are a number of good places in Japan. Although traveling abroad is also nice, it is also nice to enjoy yourself at reasonable prices on domestic trips. Anyway, it is safe that there is no difference in words and customs, especially dietary habits. Japanese meals are far more delicious than overseas, right?