I often travel to Toba towards it.


Last year I went to Shikoku and Hiroshima with my friend.

Last year I went to Shikoku and Hiroshima with my friend. We gathered in Osaka and borrowed rent-a-car to drive alternately. The aim is the Atelier of Isamu Noguchi and Shimanami Highway and the World Peace Memorial Cathedral in Hiroshima. It is an art appreciation trip. When my friend got married Ladies and gentlemen, please let me give ○ Please give me a ticket so I used this ticket again this time. The weather forecast is sunny. Two people chatted while driving a car pleasantly. However. It's raining for some reason when my friend talks about everyone's guts. Not only once but rain, whenever you say guki. I noticed that because I noticed it, the atelier of Isamu Noguchi is safe and clear. When I was drinking at a pub in Matsuyama at night in the pub, I bought Gucci as a burglar, and a friend like a guy like a burst burst. It's raining again when I leave the pub. Moreover, heavy rain. What's the weather forecast? Is it? Is it? Also. Thank you for everyone who gives me permission to travel! It is! The kingdom is angry! It is! I said, but it was already late. Rain the next day. I can not see anything from rain and fog from the observation deck where it is supposed to be wonderful in the middle of the Shimanami Highway. Even the sea can not be seen. Rain after arriving in Hiroshima. I walked around the city wearing a rim. The world peace memorial cathedral of my favorite building also looked sad in the rain. Petit sermon to thank everyone like you on your way home. A friend regretted and it was clear from around Okayama. Also! It is! It is! It is! It was my traveling.