I often travel to Toba towards it.


I love riding a moving vehicle.

I love riding a moving vehicle. There were times when I had to do quite a bit of challenging because I did not have much trouble getting on the bullet train or plane for a long time or to travel conveniently. The trip I thought was the most challenging, ""Youth 18 Ticket"" was used, Osaka → Tokyo 12 hours each time! If it is Nozomi, it will take six hours to go a little over two hours! This is surprisingly interesting. If it is a bullet train, the landscape that ends only by glancing is spread all the way outside the window. I've been on a ride all the time and is not it hot? Frequently asked, but going to Tokyo with only 18 tickets that can only ride quickly, it will not be so painful as transfer takes place about once an hour and a half. Also, as getting on and off the station is free, I have come down in Shizuoka and have a cup of tea. Also, I bought an eel with Hamamatsu and eat it, I got a glimpse of Yokohama station. When traveling slowly about fast trains, you can feel that ""Oh, Japan is wide"". Every time I take a tour of the sightseeing spot with a Shinkansen bullet train, it is pleasant, but a journey that pleases the process to sightseeing spots is sometimes pretty good.