I often travel to Toba towards it.


I like traveling.

I like traveling. It is quite exciting from preparations for plans. Overseas are also nice, but I am going out for a short trip to domestic travel where I can go casually. Unlike traveling overseas, there is not much worry about language and changes in the environment, so it is attractive that you can get what you need at the travel destination right away. Japan is probably the best in hot springs and good service as well. When you go on a trip overnight even in the near field, you first search the sightseeing spots of the place and delicious things, then look for cheap accommodation. It is nice to go by train or bus, but it is fun to be able to find delicious things at shops and road stations where you caught an unexpected event as a petit trip while driving with a car or dropped by a flutter. Last year when I traveled overnight while traveling overnight while I traveled overnight it was a Bon Festival so it was a trip around the temple and there was nobody and my voice cried only in a quiet mountain and it felt like a fantastic feeling. The Buddha statue was as powerful as it seems to start now. When I was about to wander in the car I was able to go to a temple lined with lots of Jizo-sama who are hiding behind a stray aunt who taught the temple and probably not known so much. This is also unique to domestic travel. The hot spring was also the best. The morning sun seen in the next morning's trip was exceptional even though it was the same in Japan.